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Ein kurzes Video auf Deutsch / A short video in German

Here's a video I made today where I speak entirely in German without using a script. Thanks in part to my training here on DuoLingo.


All my previous videos were much more prepared, but I wanted to try one that was completely spontaneous. I was super nervous (you can see the camera shaking, but maybe that was just the result of too much coffee this morning), but overall I think I got through it ok.

I hope someone out there finds this video helpful or at least a little enjoyable.

Have fun learning languages everyone!

cheers, Lance


Hallo Leute,

heute habe ich ein Video gedreht, in dem ich die ganze Zeit nur auf Deutsch spreche.

Falls du Lust hast, es zu gucken, dann ist hier der Link:


Viel Spaß beim Sprachenlernen!


January 11, 2018



Lance, it's been fun to watch your German language skills improve over the past few years. Thank you for sharing by posting a video. :)


Yay! Thanks for coming along the journey :-D


Sehr schoen. Your accent, i.e. your German accent, is very good; in fact, so good that I almost thought you were native German-speaker, Congratulation. P.s. I love the poster , the photography, of the Berliner photographer you mentioned in the video; I think, it's genial!


Ah shucks! Thanks so much. Glad you enjoyed it! :-)


I can second that! Your speaking is absolutely great. If I were to give you critical feedback at all, I would say, very rarely you use "als" where "dass" would be correct. I noticed it at 0:55, where you say "Es ist das erste Mal, ALS ich ein ganz spontanES Video gedreht habe."

Keep up the good work!


Bastian, Sehr schon gemacht


I enjoyed watching and your German was really clear. I might watch some more of your videos to help me with my German listening, since the pace is about right for me.

Thanks for sharing!


[deactivated user]

    Very good. The accent is quite impressive.

    Good job!


    You speak great and your accent sounds native! Great job!

    How have you been learning German? Do you use it on a daily basis in Mannheim?



    It's almost 3 years exactly since I started learning. In Mannheim I use my German quite often. At least a little bit each day. In Berlin, where I also live, I use it less often because most of my friends there are English speakers.


    Nice video and your German ist sehr gut!


    Sehr schön! Laß Dein Deutsch aber nicht allzuviel vom badischen Dialekt beeinflussen, sonst können wir Nordlichter Dich am Ende – wie einen echten Badener oder Schwaben – nicht mehr verstehen. ;-)

    Weiterhin viel Erfolg!


    Hat den Ausdruck "Nordlichter" etwas zu tun mit einem Sprichwort? Das habe ich nicht verstanden. Mein Akzent ist ja ein bisschen gemischt mit einem Einfluss von Berlin, Mannheim, und auch ein bisschen von dem Hunsrück (und die USA natürlich). :-)



    Ach so! Das macht Sinn. Das war meine Vermutung aber war nicht ganz sicher. Jetzt verstehe ich was Du gemeint hast. Danke für die Erklärung.


    Deine Gemälden und deine Sprachkenntnisse sind ebenso beeindruckend. Insbesondere sehen die Gemälden sehr tief und gefühlvoll aus. Selbst habe ich keine Fähigkeit für Kunst oder Sprachen aber hoffentlich werde ich mich, durch Übung, meine Deutschkentnisse verbessern. Bisher freue ich mich dich einfach verstehen zu können. Vielen Dank fürs Video.


    Vielen Dank! Das hat mich gefreut zu lesen :-)


    Good one. Still some accent to get rid of, but grammatical mistakes were really few in number (I stopped counting when running out of fingers, reckoning it not worth counting at such a low frequency). Plus: I knew that skyline immediately (Collini-Center, Neckarpromenade). But what happened to the window across the street?


    Thanks! Good question about the window. A fire there some years back would be my guess.


    Lance, I know that so many people have been saying this, but you really do sound just like native speaker! Congratulations. Did you learn to speak that well just from Duolingo?


    Thanks so much! I live in Germany and have a German partner, so I suppose that is largely the reason why my accent has improved. The Germans are not shy when it comes to constantly pointing out my little mistakes. Just through DuoLingo alone I think it would be more challenging to improve my accent. One of the things that helped me the most was creating my own YouTube channel and hearing my voice played back when speaking German. It helps me notice a lot of little mistakes I can't hear "inside my head". If that makes sense :-)


    Of course! Thanks for the quick response:) Also, I have to ask: Did you pick that name from reading The Neverending Story in German? I know that's a weird question :D


    Yes indeed! I was reading it at the time I decided on the name :-) Great book! Hast du es schon gelesen?


    Ja! Es ist mein Lieblingsbuch aller Zeiten! Ich habe es gerade zum zweiten Mal beendet. Ich erkannte diesen Namen, sobald ich ihn sah. (Hope I said that right.)

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