"You no longer want to wear your green coat."

Translation:Tu ne veux plus porter ton manteau vert.

January 11, 2018

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    Why can't I use votre?


    Vous ne voulez plus porter votre manteau vert.

    You can. You just have to change the pronoun and verb conjugation to match the possessive adjective "votre."


    CommeuneTexane, that is exactly what I wrote and was marked incorrect. Reported


    Hi PJ180,
    That's odd. The most recent report I found was "vous ne voulez plus porter vos manteau vert", which isn't correct because the possessive adjective should be singular, "votre manteau vert". I don't know if that is your sentence or not, but if in the future you type vous ne voulez plus porter votre manteau vert and it is marked as incorrect, could you please get a screenshot? It could be a bug.



    Thank you, CommeuneTexane, the “vos” was not mine; mine was definitely “votre”. If it happens again, I will report it again. :)


    When there's an infinitive after the negative, it's been having me use "à" (Je ne veux rien à boire). Here I put <> and it's wrong?


    When there is an infinite verb following ne...rien, you need the preposition à between the words. Rien + à + infinitive.

    Il n'y a rien à boire
    rien à manger
    rien à voir
    rien à acheter

    The does not apply to plus, however.


    I'm not sure why Duo ate the sentence I put in quotes but it was: Tu ne veux plus à porter ton manteau vert. That's the one I'm not sure why it's wrong.


    Can we use "s'habiller" instead of "porter"? As it goes "Tu ne veux plus t'habiller ton manteau vert"


    When do you use plus verus pas?


    Use "plus" when the meaning is "no longer" or "not anymore". This indicates that at a past time you wanted to wear it, but now no longer do. Use "pas" when you simply mean "don't".

    Je n'ai pas de thé. / I don't have tea.
    Je n'ai plus de thé. / I no longer have tea. or I don't have anymore tea. (but I did at one point)

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