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Chrome/Firefox Extension for Furigana (Hiragana over Kanji)

Based on an idea by computervirus99 I have made a chrome extension to display Hiragana above the Kanji also known as Furigana. I'll be constantly updating this plugin to keep up with Duolingo until they (hopefully) add it themselves.

Any bugs that appear are to be reported on the chrome webstore page provided below.

Current Features:

|toggle it on and off.|

|Multiple Modes: Kanji2Hiragana, Kanji2Katakana, All2Romaji|

Currently Acknowledged Bugs:

Not all sentances produce correct hiragana for the kanji for example 木よう日 which should produce もくよう ひ but doesn't.

Planned Features: |Adding Furigana to the tiles.|



p.s. If you are Duolingo staff I will be glad to share with you how the code works to hopefully get it implemented in one form or another.

January 11, 2018



Works great! Thank you so much!

Is it possible to make an additional extension that converts hiragana to their more commonly used kanji counterparts? I reeeeally hate reading a long string of hiragana, especially as most Japanese texts are more of a consistent mix of kanji and hiragana/katakana. Its also kinda pointless to learn new words if in most instances we aren't going to learn the corresponding kanji.


I might be able to but it'll have to wait till after the whole revamp of the system. because the current system doesn't allow for that. The new one can but it'll be a while till i get that one up and running.


i would really like to see a kana to kanji plugin. can't bring myself to use duolingo atm because of the lack of kanji.


Great. Thank you, Cieric! This was one of my most wanted items for Japanese! Have a Lingot.


Welcome if you come across any bugs or anything just post a message on this thread. I've been keeping tabs on any replies on here.


Question, why does the extension need permission to see browsing history on google chrome?


This extension doesn't work reliably. I use rikaichamp in firefox. It doesn't display furigana over the sentence, but you need to hover specific kanji/word. It's still really helpful anyway. here is a chrome port: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/rikaikun/jipdnfibhldikgcjhfnomkfpcebammhp


Thank you. This is so useful. Can you port this extension to Firefox?


firefox extension has been added.


Wow, thanks, Cieric. Sorry, I was a little bit late, 'cause Duo didn't notify me about your replies. I installed it and worked great. It takes some time for furigana to appear, but it's way faster than using Jisho for every kanji. Sorry, I'll not be able to check chrome extension, because I uninstalled chrome. thank you very much


It's all good the delayed conversion is because of the dictionary that has to be searched my code is probably less then a kilobyte the rest of the 28 megabytes it just the different dictionaries.


I downloaded chrome for this extension, but it didn't work


this was the first time i made an extension for chrome So i expected there to be bugs like that. I'll look into porting it to firefox but i cant make any promises.


I just reverted some code on the extension that might have made it not work on your machine. could I ask you to get the updated version (v0.2.2) and try again? it could take up to an hour to update so give it a little time.


So after a little bit of testing I just found out that the extension just works with firefox without any modification. I just have to figure out about publishing it.


That is so nice of you :O I can’t try it right now, but I downloaded it and I will have a look later. You must have spent some time on it, thank you for your hard work!


only about 3 or so hours and that was mainly learning the platform. If I knew the platform it'd been only about an hour of work.


You've said "Not all sentances produce correct hiragana for the kanji for example 木よう日 which should produce もくよう ひ but doesn't." But shouldn't it be もくようび? (Me trying to say the same in Japanese:「もくようび」ではありませんか? Please tell me if this is correct or not).

Either way, Thank you very much for your hard work and dedication! I love it how people like you make awesome things and share it with the world :D


I hope you're still checking replies here. :)

I've been using this for a while now and I've noticed that it also tries to add furigana when learning Chinese. Would you be able to change that?

It looks like the URL contains "/skill/ja/" when learning Japanese and "/skill/zs/" when learning Chinese, if that helps.

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