"I have nothing to do with that case."

Translation:Je n'ai rien à faire dans ce procès.

January 11, 2018

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I entered "Je n'ai rien a faire avec cette cause". It complained about "faire" and wants me to put in "voir" instead. Yet the translation at the top of this discussion page shows "Je n'ai rien a faire . . . ". Doesn't "rien a voir" mean "nothing to see"? Unless I'm missing an idiom, I think the page is erroneous.


"Rien à voir" is used with things and "rien à faire" with people:

  • Je n'ai rien à voir avec ce procès/cette histoire...

  • Je n'ai rien à faire avec ces gens/cet escroc (crook)

However, you can use "rien à faire" with a thing if the preposition is "dans":

  • Je n'ai rien à faire dans ce procès/cette histoire


Excellente explication. Merci, Sitesurf. Je vous donne un Lingot.


so it's just one of those exceptions we have to memorize? ugh :(

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I also got the same "correction" of using "a voir" to replace "a faire".

and I am forced to use "a voir " in order to pass it and finish the exercise. nothing else can pass the duo system.

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  1. My input is "je n'ai rien a faire avec ce cas".
    What is wrong with it please?

  2. The standard answer is "je n'ai rien a faire dans ce process". WHY "process" is here for "case"? I believe case is very different from process.

Please help! Many thanks


Are the words "rien" and "aucune chose" interchangeable? They mean the same thing, right?


No, they are not interchangeable, and no, they don't mean exactly the same. Rien = Nothing means emptiness. When you say Rien ne peut m'aider = Nothing can help me, it means that you are doomed. Aucune chose = Not a thing means none of the things present. When you say Aucune chose ne peut m'aider, it means that there may be something that can help you, but it's not here.


The exercise did not accept "à faire" It shows the correct answer as "Je n'ai rien a voir avec cette cause." And yet here it shows a completely different answer, which, of course, shows à faire. How can anyone get a correct answer when Duolingo does not seem to know which is the correct answer.


Both "rien à voir" & "rien à faire" are accepted.

Sitesurf, one of our MOD, has pointed out that "Rien à voir" is used with things and "rien à faire" with people. (See above) That's a very good point to remember.


The first time I wrote 'a faire' and was corrected to a voir. Now I'm told it's a faire!

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    how come the answer in red says "........la valise"? La means "that"?


    I guess "Je n'ai rien à faire dans ce cas" is also accepted. What about "... en ce cas."


    Why was my translation wrong? I used 'faire' and the correct solution was voir????

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      French prepositions: how do they work? Je ne sais jamais. It's "rien à voir AVEC" or ""rien à faire DANS"


      Why is it"voir"and not"faire"?


      I did the same as Jeannette.


      Now I see your comment. Geesh!

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      Trying Google translation:

      1. " It is not your business", and got " ce n'est pas ton affair"

      2. "I have nothing to do with that case", I got "je n'ai rien à voir avec cette affaire"

      3. "it has nothing to do with that case", I got "cela n'a rien à voir avec ce cas"

      4. "it has nothing to do with you": "Cela n'a rien à voir avec vous"

      One point interesting is that "this case" is never translated to " un process" by google.


      that is what i have and it is shown to be wrong


      "a voir" means to see but the statement is (nothing to do) presumable should be 'faire which means to do or to make'


      I often hear people in French movies say "Je n'y suis pour rien" in the context of "i have nothing to do with this" or "this is nothing to do with me" or "this is not my fault". Would that be a possible translation for this sentence: Je n'y suis pour rien dans ce dossier?


      Couldn't flag this because there's no way to select this error, but I got this on the "select your answer" mode and "Je" was not offered as a selection. There was no way to correctly answer the questionl


      Je n'ai rien à faire avec ce procès. is the French prompt to write in English in one of the exercises; yet is rejected as the French answer to the English prompt in another?

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