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I've already known only Japanese. This site is very attractive, but for now, it's no use for me. I hope you make English-English or Japanese- English pages. Will it be available?


So i can't learn English through English ?


No, you can't. Duolingo teaches through translation, so there have to be 2 languages, English through English is not possible in the current concept.


How do you log in to larn English. my Spanish speakers want to learn English. Everytime I try I go ba k to learning Spanish


Hi ,, I'm done with the first step , so I don't know how I can keep going , hope it is more English to learn on duolingo , I did about 62 unit


I know there are comments here that touch on this subject but really there does need to be a course that teaches English and develops English for those who don't have one of the languages on offer as their mother tongue. So a course needs to be developed where the instructions are in basic English. I realise it would have to have a different structure but it should be possible with more use of imagery and symbols. The world is full of people who want a clear and simple English course. Please duo lingo can you think of how to develop a course to teach English in this way? For example many people have had a few English lessons but they want to carry on learning online to strengthen what they know. I have looked at a few online places to try and find something to help someone I know (Kurdish Sorani speaker trying to learn English) but I haven't found anything suitable yet to help him on his path. If anyone can recommend anything with good functionality please let me know.


Yes! I work with immigrants in an English speaking country, many of them come from smaller language groups that aren't supported by DuoLingo. There should be a simple option to learn English in English. With the pictures and repetition of very basic words and phrases, it would definitely be possible. English classes are taught this way already.


That depends on what language you already know. Currently you can learn English through Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.


Surely, it cannot escape Duolingo's notice that a Nigerian speaking English, and a Japanese speaking English, as learned in their home environments will barely make sense to each other. It should therefore have been a basic, obvious step to start by teaching English, in English. The beauty of Duolingo is that it uses images to identify and give urgent meanings to obscure words. Therefore, even I, as a person capable of speaking English, would still benefit from learning it in a style different from how my school teachers presented it. The aim is fluency - surely, Duolingo can move us from "stutterers to rapper-level" by a fulsome course.

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