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  5. "베를린, 런던, 파리"

"베를린, 런던, 파리"

Translation:Berlin, London, Paris

January 11, 2018



berlin in korean sounds like bluewings in korean!!


lol Really? Oh nooo According to the Korean grammar rule, 베를린 should sound how an average German pronounces Berlin in German. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nVG7ucjwA3U

For example in Korea people pronounce write Sweden's IKEA as 이케아 since that's how IKEA is called in Swedish. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JBhkD4Lb4yE

Likewise Moscow is pronounced and written as 모스크바 since that's how Moscow is called in Russian. :D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E0KlKWFePyA

Switzerland= 스위스 Since that's how Switzerland is called in French: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lC7g4iWwfsE

P.S: BTW. Where are you originally from? You look lovely! ;p


Well I don't think it sounds like bluewings, but 베를린 is not THAT close to how Germans actually pronounce "Berlin". Well it is what it is and still easy to understand when they mean "Berlin" in my opinion ^^


I think her/his profile picture is a photo of Belgian singer Angèle :)


Lol, trying to flirt trough Duolingo is about as low as you can be


Calling someone pretty isn't flirting, it's being kind and complimenting.


Hello i like your profile pic of jin lol ARMYYYYYY




ARMY! I need your opinions!

I realize this is not the place to discuss KPop, but I have no other contact with people who like KPop. So, ARMYs, and anyone who speaks Chinese (or Japanese?), I need your thoughts.

On the Love Yourself album titles, there are Chinese characters. I was curious and don't know Chinese very well so had to use the very unreliable Google Translate. The " 起" from Wonder seems to mean begin, start, or from. The "承" from Her seems to mean by, bear, or support. The " 結" from Answer seems to mean knot, bound, bear, or from. The "轉" from Tear seems to mean turn, or shift. By the way, is tear like crying- tear or ripping- tear? Or both?

I had seen theories that "boy meets what" meant W-Wonder H-Her A-Answer T-Tear So I tried putting the characters in that order to see if it meant anything because, honestly, byt themselves they didn't seem to mean much. Also I was curious and bored and had better things to do with my life but didn't want to do them. By arranging the characters like this: 起 承 結 轉 I got from Google Translate "Carry forward." (Anyone love Carry On?) I tried Japanese, but it gave me "starting and rolling" and a buch of sounds. In case BTS had said anything about this, I searched "Love yourself carry forward." I found a page of quotes. The first one on it was this: “Accept yourself, love yourself, and keep moving forward. If you want to fly, you have to give up what weighs you down.” ― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart Who knows, maybe it's a coincidence, but I seems to have a lot of the ideas BTS is conveying. Could they be getting inspiration from this?

So, I have questions. 1) Are these translations corrcet? 2) Are there other meanings to the characters? 3) Am I insane? 4) What are your thoughts?

Again, sorry this is long and not Korean- Learning related, but this is the only place I have any contact with ARMYs and I really want to know.


“We’re going to Mexico City, London to Paris”


EL MARIACHI (or Mariajin)

We going from Tokyo, Italy, Hong Kong to Brazil


I heard Berlin as Berilyn and London as Dun Dun


Spelt Paris slightly wrong tried to correct but it didnt let me


Why paris is 파리 and not 파리스?


I think because Paris on French pronounce "Pari" or ''Paree''


Either Seoul or New York or Paris


Estaba bien el mio, solo faltaron las (,)..... cueck


Puede alguien explicarme por que se escribe esta silaba asi? 를


Where is alfabet


I'm Army and blink Who are army? Where are you from?


I am both and from USA


Yeah I visited dondun before


I'm kinda confused why London is written as 런던 and not as 론돈 can anyone help please


Estaba bien el mío nada más que se pone el tilde automaticamente



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