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  5. "パンとバター二百グラムをかいました。"


Translation:I bought bread and 200 grams of butter.

January 11, 2018



How would you say "I bought 200 grams of bread and butter."?


Strange sentence in Japanese or English. I don't know too many people who buy bread by the gram. Anyway, if you want to say that you bought 200gm each, パンとバター200グラムずつ買いました。If you want to say that you bought a total of 200gm of combined bread and butter, パンとバターを含めて、200グラムを買いました or 総計200gmのパンとバターを買いました。


You right but 含めて -> あわせて, 総計 -> 合計, are better. 総計 and 合計 have almost the same meaning but we usually use 合計 in conversation. 総計 is grand total. 合計 is total. 小計 is sub total.


Agreed that 含める would suggest the inclusion of a third item and 合わせる would be appropriate. 合計 is undeniably more common in spoken conversation, but I was going for more of a 'grand total' nuance to the translation, hence 総計.


This is helpful, thank you.

Would "I bought 200 grams of bread and 100 grams of butter." be 「パン200グラムとバター100グラムを買いました」?

How about "I bought 2 slices of bread and 200 grams of butter."? Would that be 「パン二まいとバター200グラムを買いました」?

I'm guessing the counter word would make sure it doesn't get confused for "I bought 2 grams of bread and 200 grams of butter." (which would be quite odd). In that case, is「グラム」basically a counter word?


Looks good. Yes, measurements such as grams do function in lieu of counters (or as counters).


When buying food from a caterer, you generally buy each dish by the weight..A kilo of pasta, a kilo of chicken, 200 grams of bread and butter.


Perhaps that purchase would be better described as 200 grams of buttered bread. Would that be「バターのパンが二百を買いました」?


It's not so inconceivable to me that this sentence would come up, as every convenience store around here sells packaged "パン" baked goods, and everyone eats them. I bought 200 grams of buttered bread would undoubtedly be one of "バターパンを200グラム買いました。" "バターパン200グラムを買いました。" "200グラムのバターパンを買いました。"


I bought 200 grams of butter and bread?????? Seriously, that doesn't work???? Every single sentence in this entire section in Japanese has me coming here.


'I bought bread and 200 g of butter.' was not accepted as of 2018-05-12


The Japanese sentence is confusing. The translation should be I bought 200 grams of bread and butter. You should rephrase.


I bought 200 grams of bread and butter (i.e total weight of items)


this is so confusing


Huh, most of the time if you want a number before を you need a "no". Weights must be different.

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