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  5. "초등학교, 중학교, 고등학교"

"초등학교, 중학교, 고등학교"

Translation:Elementary school, middle school, high school

January 11, 2018





I live in US and we use these words, but what do they use in UK?


The use of 'High School' is becoming more common in the UK, but I usually say Primary School and Secondary School.


Just Primary school and high school in general. In some places high school can be split into junior and senior and in England you get sixth form colleges too.


I am from Australia and we have primary school until grade 6, and then highschool from year 7 until the end. There is nothing called middle school. I imagine it's similar in the UK.


As far as I know elementary school is called as 'primary school' but I am not sure. .


primary school = elementary school


I put "elementary school, middle school, and high school" and it marked it as wrong when it actually should be right. This is what i dislike about programs like this. They don't offer multiple variations of correct answers.


There's no 그리고 or 하고 so there should be no "and"


I mixed up the British and American terms


I wonder if it's only in Japan that we are taught 中学校 is a junior high school in English...


I'd almost never heard middle school but it was changing right after I was in school. Middle schools or middle years have been replacing junior high schools in the shift from two-tier to three-tier education. Japanese and Korean 中学校 are more like junior high schools because together junior and senior high schools have the same number of years as elementary/primary/first/early-years schools. I'm surprised to see Duo in the notes translating 初(초) as early as it's always meant first/beginning/onset to me . . .

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