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I am NEW to this AWESOMENESS!!!!

Any tips??? I love all feedback. If there's anything I should know just tell me! Thanks! :D

January 12, 2018



Read the guidelines and keep learning!


Thank you so much!!! :D


practice saying things aloud, listen to the pronunciation, and also try finding songs to get comfortable with hearing the way the words sound... lastly, try labeling things around the house and youll learn the words just from memory. good luck !!!!!!


Ok! Thank you so much!


Hi and welcome! I don't know is this counts as a tip but if you get stressed out on any of the courses it take a brake and come back, I get a little stresses out on here some times and leaving for a minute and coming back helps. :)


Thank you so much. I'm sure this will be helpful! :D


I advise practicing outside of Duolingo as well. I see you're learning Spanish like me! What I do outside of this is watch shows in my native language with Spanish subtitles or vice versa and I plan on watching some telenovelas with English subtitles. Additionally, I also practice on Memrise, which is great to learn phrases, alongside Duolingo!

Welcome to Duolingo btw!

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