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the duolingo stories are execellent and helpful. que pensez-vous?

I am really enjoying the duolingo stories. I hope they add more. I find that the stories help to build vocabulary and also give a visual as to proper sentence structure.

Are you finding them helfpul (if it is available in the language you are learning)

January 12, 2018



Yes, they are very helpful. There are five sets of 10 stories in Spanish and Portuguese. I'm sure they will add more to the French and German stories as the staff continues their tests.

Small correction: "Qu'en pensez-vous ?" (1) The verb is "penser de", hence the "en". (2) Mandatory space before the question mark.


I have doing stories on my "resolution" list for 2019. I am hoping that if I go through the sets I'll be able to understand listening to French better. Right now I can easily translate a lot of what I read, but what I hear is much more difficult.


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