I'm not exactly sure if I'm supposed to be writing this in French or not, but I'm only 22 % fluent so writing in French hasn't really crossed my mind yet. until now I guess. I'll try too, but remember, no promises are being made that whatever I write will make sense.

Elles lesont un livre they're ( women ) reading a book

what do you think? I'm not sue if I should be proud or not, but I'm just gonna stick with YEAH! if you stopped to read this, thanks. if you have any tips on learning French, please tell me!

January 12, 2018


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Should be Elles lisent un livre

January 12, 2018

keep on learning and you will get better at French =)

Bonjour! I'm taking French as well, and I'm not exactly fluent either. I take it in school as well as Duolingo, and that kind of helps, but Duolingo helps more. When learning French, identify common words and start to use them regularly in sentences. For example, "Le lapin mange et pomme" (that was not entirely correct) I know that "Lapin" is "rabbit" and "mange" is eat. As well as piecing together sentences, this can help you identify when a word is plural. The plural for "lettre" (letter) is "lettres." I hoped this helped. Good luck! P.S. The word for "women" is femme.

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