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French for “home”, but in the greater sense.

I realise that the French for home is “la maison”, but is there a different word to use when referring to home in the greater sense? That is, in the sense of: “rentrer à mon pays.” Much like E.T. was want to do. :-)

Merci d’avance.

January 12, 2018



Bruce Willis having defeated a space monster on a distant asteroid would say at the end of the film:

— Allez, les gars, on rentre à la maison !

Connais-tu ce merveilleux dictionnaire wordreference.com ? On y trouve mille réponses ?


"Rentrer à mon pays" does not work, "on rentre dans son pays"


I intentionally wasn’t giving the conjugation. I was talking in the infinitive “to return to my country”.


oh sorry; I am French, and I think with my french brain..........


De rien. Merci de votre aide.


Chez moi = my place Habitat ma ville natale = my hometown/birth


Thanks to all. I think using “chez-moi” feels the most comfortable in this context then. It just felt so strange to say “to the house” when I haven’t lived in my country for eighteen years now. I’m pretty sure my old house will be occupied. :-)

It seemed so strange that I felt sure there would be another word for “home” that I had somehow missed. Clearly not.


Chez moi marche aussi ex: En Russie je me sens chez moi.


yes, je rentre chez moi, je me sens chez moi. We can tell "on rentre chez nous"

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