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Disappearing discussions

[deactivated user]

    Today I've posted two discussions that are currently nowhere to be seen on the main feed. They both got good traction being that one has currently 37 upvotes (I'm seeing it on my Followed tab) which is not too shabby. No wonder they stopped receiving new replies for some hours now... first of all they must be visible for people to read and comment on them.

    It's not that my threads are more important or better than anyone's, but If this happens with me then it happens to everybody surely.

    This coupled with some members not receiving notifications for new messages (apparently for some months now) makes for a very erratic and frustrating forum experience.

    So... what gives?

    January 12, 2018



    Sorry that I can't answer your specific question for you, but I've got a couple of insights on the forum being "broken". ^^; I've seen something like that happen before, and thought it was unlikely that a user would delete a post with 40+ upvotes. In my thread where I brought up the issue with not being notified, the moderator lindakanga sent me this link: https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002969903-Duolingo-s-New-Website

    In the link it says, quoted, "When I go to the Words or Discussion tab, the site behaves differently. Why?" and is responded with "The Discussion and Words tabs are still under the old website." I took this to mean they supposedly updated the way the actual website works with its courses etc. and the forum was left behind in an older version of Duo.

    Would it be that the forum, being run by a supposedly older version, has too many glitches from being outdated and/or isn't very compatible with the new version of Duolingo? Or are all of these problems just because someone who worked for Duolingo tried to add/tinker with the forum/its code and ended up breaking it?

    [deactivated user]

      Guess those who are here for long must already be used to things like this. Although I've been using Duolingo for more than a year, only now have I tried the forums.

      Thank you for your reply. Appreciated.


      No problem. I've been using Duolingo's forum for around 2 years, but took a break. During that break, that was when the website was updated. They've never really told us what went on to cause the glitches, so that's just my theory; the forums were affected and became somewhat incompatible from the website being revamped.

      [deactivated user]

        A robust working forum is one the easiest things to implement on a website... they've been everywhere on the internet for the past 15/20 years. It's not rocket science. A regular forum... with subsections for each language... one for newbies, a group of dedicated moderators... proper PM system... effective banning tools... a section for the developers to interact with the users... you name it.

        The reason I've never posted on the Duolingo forums was their sloppy "stream of consciousness" format. Not my cup of tea. Even so I've decided to give it a go... It's not perfect but it somewhat usable. Now, the disappearing of entire conversations is a big no-no.


        I see your posts on the feed. It's probably a glitch, which are extremely common ever since the forum maintenance of October 2017.

        [deactivated user]

          The thing that leads me to believe nobody is seeing them is that the comments on both stopped abruptly. Plus the votes also freeze...

          Anyway, I thought the "new" feed was the same for everybody...


          I'm not sure about your post, but I came here today to reread the post about the new levels/crowns feature that I read yesterday. Now it's gone 0.o It had +2000 upvotes.

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