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Question for those of you that get like 1000XP a day

How do you do that?! What is your routine? The most I have gotten was about 840 XP.

BTW I had to delete the other post and repost it because the other one received about 15 spam comments and 0 helpful comments. Plz only helpful comments plz.

Thanks in advance!

January 12, 2018



During the first half of the week of winter break I had a lot of time to myself. What I did is 30 XP per language. 20 XP in strengthening skills and 10 XP in a new lesson.


Thanks sooo much! Very helpful!


As well as the other things that have been mentioned, one of the ways to get lots of XP in a short time is to test out of skills. Placement tests can nab you quite a lot if you test out of any skills, ditto the checkpoint tests, but even testing out of an individual skill can get you a pretty chunk of XP in a short timeframe.

There's also timed practice.

The only way to consistently get that amount of XP, though, is just to dedicate considerable time to it. I don't think it's anything more complex than that.


Usually, people who get a lot of XP in a day usually have a lot of time and are diligent and practice maybe 5 hours or so. Basically, all you have to do to get a lot of XP is do duolingo for a long time.


Hi! I believe I may be qualified to answer this question. In the past 7 days, I have gained more than 12,000 EXP. I average between 1800-2500 per day, and my top score this week was around 3200 EXP a day.

This is my weekly from my leaderboard, but keep in mind the weekly only counts since Sunday, so this is 4 days' progress. Hope these links work: EDIT: guess they dont work haha, I'll just send their raw links.



Basically what I did was put all of the time I used each day playing video games, and used it for Duolingo. I know a lot of young people can spend 3-6 hours a day playing video games, and even more! So I put a large portion of that time into using Duolingo instead.

The way my brain remembers new words in languages is just constant repetition. By constant, I mean literally just hearing the same word or sentence over and over again. For a lot of people, it's not a good enough method, but for me specifically it works. That's where Duolingo comes in. The same sentences being repeated over and over allows me to remember them.

How do I have the motivation to spend hours of my day on Duolingo? Well, I don't just sit on Duolingo for 3 hours straight without doing anything else. I set a goal, maybe 300-500 EXP per sitting and/or about 45 minutes of my time (around 700-800 EXP). Then I go goof off on YouTube or go get a sandwich. Feel free to respond if you need more information, but be warned, I may not see your response.


Wow! You are definitely qualified to answer this question! I'll try that! Thanks!


Glad I could help :)


try this - when one of the skills you previously completed needs exercise, you can redo all the components of that skill - thus you repeat and strengthen the full notion of let's say conditional perfect and at the same time let you focus better. Also, one i did not try but intend to - focus on just a set of language one day instead of going through the whole set - it will allow a better focus Good luck! ( p.s. - if you use public transport for going to/from work or study, that's valuable time )


I don't get 1000XP on a daily, but I do at times on weekends, where I have more free time (and have the motivation to achieve the 250-300XP weekly challenges). I've especially had a ton of time to spend this holiday break (in the USA).

I once got around 1100XP one day because I refilled all of my decayed bars (and there was roughly 30 skills decayed since like 5-8 skills a day drained) and then if I wasn't completely exhausted, I worked on completing more new skills. I didn't do this in one sitting though. I'd take breaks to watch shows like Breaking Bad or write or listen to music or read my Spanish book or whatever plan of leisure came to mind. It also helps to work on additional languages. Like, for now since I can't read or write Korean or Japanese, I just focus on the alphabets for now and keep those basic skills filled.

What keeps me motivated is being a part of clubs. I created clubs for each language I'm learning and it's so cool to see others actively doing what you're doing and it makes you want to keep up, ya know?


You're so welcome! <3


Did you still get the weekend challenge last week? I had been doing it, but last week, it didn't appear for me. I was wondering if I was part of an A/B test that ended or is beginning.


Actually, no. Now that I realize. It stopped after the 250 XP challenge.


Hello! When I started learning Swedish, my goal was to earn 2000 XP per day, every day, which usually took me 2 hours. I had several different strategies which I varied not to get bored and not to get stuck in learning.

Sometimes I only focused on practicing old skills; in that case i did 10 time practices of the past few skills that were in gold. Other times, I spent time on learning a completely new skill and repeat it for few times, approximately 20, but not sooner then I could make 18-19 correct in a row. Most of the days I mixed these two approaches, to have repetition and progress at the same time. From time to time I reviewed the whole tree, doing 3 to 5 repetitions of each skill from the top to the bottom. And so on, and so forth.

If you struggle to find the motivation, it definitely helps to follow people who are really diligent and do much more than you. Also, from time to time, you can find people teaming up and organizing competitions here on the discussion boards - being responsible not only for your streak and score but the overall result of your team might spice it up for you : )


Hi Cak Does it really matter? Why are you doing this? TO learn a language or to stroke an ego? I think the more someone can study the better, but the actual number is irrelevant. I have someone as a friend who all of a sudden went from say 1000 to over 3000 and hthis meant that I was "overtaken" by her. My first ego thought was sh^t, she is beating me. Then I woke up and thought, wow, good on her for being able to do a lot of study. But it comes back to your motives on doing the course. I guess it is like personal best times in running or swimming. (not that I have ever been good at either of them) Hope this helps. Have a nice day )))


My recommendation would be to try to be fast but in a relaxed fashion, and have additional goals to help you keep going until you get your main objective. Examples of my varying goals:

  • do 500XP this morning/afternoon/evening
  • Focus on the Pomodoro technique, and see how much work I'm able to do every 25 minutes: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pomodoro_Technique (However I feel more comfortable doing blocks of around 50 minutes and then rests of 10-15 minutes, so do whatever you fit better)
  • make gold a whole tree
  • revise or do an entire section of a tree
  • practice typing in a foreign language
  • overtake a friend that is close to you in the weekly or monthly rankings
  • to know my personal limits, so next time I now better what it is possible without burning out
  • or simply go fast until the tree don't allow you to do it anymore

As for me, I think I can do about 250-300XP an hour in a sustainable way (of course always revising easy parts of a tree or doing some easy "Timed Practice"). My record is 470XP in an single hour, but it backfired on me because the next hour I was tired and only made around 200XP). Regarding my daily record is currently 2000XP, but it is very difficult to go beyond that because I run out of easy parts, and I can get too tired for the next day.

Anyway I think it's not advisable to go this fast all the time, because for the harder parts you need to go much more slowly, and even better if you combine Duolingo with other resources (my favourite one is Youtube, to get a feel of how actually native speakers talk, but currently I'm doing the German course in Mondly because they gave me 7 days of free access).

Therefore if I am not in an XP contest, I forget about XPs and I simply try to lern as much as possible in every single exercise I do: for example, trying doing the Duolingo exercises relying on what I hear instead of reading, or repeating out loud all the sentences, as a pronunciation practice... Anyway, in general I prefer lingots than XPs, because the best way to get a bunch of new lingots is to "conquest" new trees, which is my favourite part of Duolingo. So now I have a good collection of hungry owls, and I hope to feed them soon before they get starved!

Finally, happy learning and keep up the good work! Someday the World of Languages will be ours!! ;D


As I'm writing this I'm trying to make a 1k average every day from now.. I don't know for how long the streak is going to last, but we'll see :)

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