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App vs Website Question

Very new to duolingo so apologies for the basic question. I have googled a lot and checked the official FAQ and unofficial wiki etc but still can't work this out...

Bit confused about the difference in the app vs the website. On the website each skill seems to be divided up by levels, but on the website it's divided up by lessons? I've noticed that the website will say I've completed a skill when I haven't completed all the levels on the app. Why is this?

I've currently only been doing duo on the mobile app, am I missing anything by not doing the lessons on the computer?

As the desktop says I've finished the skills, should I move on to the next skill before maxing out the level on the app? The skills take a long time to complete to level 5!

January 12, 2018



I think its a new thing they are testing for the app.


oh so the levels on the app are new? I've always had them so didn't realize.

Did the app used to have the skills broken down into lessons? Because it isn't for me.


It’s supposed to be designed so casual learners can get an overview of all material while the more serious students can drill into the material. The app is undergoing an A/B test, so half of the users have the test and the other half don’t. If the tests get mostly positive feedback, it will be fully implemented for everyone.


yes im just trying out the desktop now and oh my it's so much quicker to progress through skills! But the learning so much more superficial.


I’m trying to find the post about the skill levels because you’re right that they are testing it, but it looks like it’s not a “sticky” post anymore.


Hi William! Here is the post by karint about the new features on the app you are experiencing with: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/25615588/Upcoming-Feature-Skill-Levels

When did you get this version of the app? Many users are anxiously waiting for it!!


Thank you! Yes that's exactly what my app looks like. I downloaded it about 2 weeks ago. No wonder I was so confused when I was reading about people on here saying they finished the German tree in two weeks!


Hey, I don't have the app, I use the computer only. The language is divided by categories, which are divided by lessons. Once you complete all the lessons, you get the category finished and receive lingots. I assume you probably already know this. It is pretty hard to advance on the levels. I am supposedly 46% fluent in my German (which is pretty false!) and only on level 9. I think the app and computer are not synced. Maybe you should keep working on either, and see what happens. As I said, I don't use the apps, so I'm not sure how it works. Good luck


Yes your German 'level' on the website is a different thing altogether. On the app, each skill is divided up into 'levels'. The terminology is quite confusing. I was quite surprised to see these differences.


Beyond what the others are saying, the only other difference I've noticed is the tips and tricks found on the website. I wish that was integrated into the app as that has changed my understanding of what I'm learning.

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