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Invite a friend...achievement

Have you ever received an invite from Duolingo through this method? Just wondering what the person at the other end gets and also does Duolingo share their email with anyone else or send them multiple emails? Will it end up in spam?

January 12, 2018



I hope I wouldn't be so rude as to suggest someone look at a site by giving that site their email address without their consent! If you think it's of interest, surely you give them the link and leave them to decide which, if any, of their contact details they will hand over.


jest one email. it tells them about how you can learn many different languages. i found out how this works because i invited a friend to duolingo.


I just sent an invite link to my dad via WhatsApp. The invite link has a unique code attached to it, so Duolingo will know it came from you.

It appears as if he was able to use the app normally after downloading it from the link. At first I saw nothing, even tho he sent me screenshots already of how he is doing it.

But, after he completed his placement test, I got two notifications:

  1. He's now following me
  2. I earned a free week of PLUS

Unfortunately I never got the Friendly Achievement


Nevermind, I just got the achievement! YESSS :D

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