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Did duolingo stop giving lingods for x10-days streaks?

From the moment I started learning, I've been receiving lingods every 10 days for the streaks divisible by ten (1 lingod for a 10-day streak, 2 lingods for the 20-days streak, ..., 26 lingods for a 260-days streak). I've just hit my 300-days streak, but did not receive 30 lingods. What happened to this nice tradition?

January 12, 2018



Not for me - received 169 today.


I do remember them stopping the 10 days lingots awhile ago.............but just a few days ago, I got a lingot for a 10 day streak..........so it seems to be back-- but maybe it's only an a/b test


From past discussions, it sounds like people using the app have been having problems with this, but not people using the website. For what it's worth, I use the website and have been receiving lingots regularly.


I've been wondering the same thing. I'm on a 506 day streak at present and didn't receive lingots when I hit 500, nor 490 or 480, which was the first time I noticed this, 26 days ago. I mostly use the app to do lessons but I will follow the suggestion of b05aplmun.ca and see what happens if I use the website instead.


I use the app and got my 45 at the 450 day point and at all 10 day intervals before that.


Just for the record, I hit my 510 day streak today when using the website to do lessons and received 51 lingots.


I was using the Android app primarily, and got my streak to 300 days too. And just like you, I didn't get my lingots for 270, 280, 290, or 300. Rather than complain, I just let my streak finish. I have no idea why I was so desperate for lingots when I came here to learn languages. :/


The same has happened to me and I too am finding it difficult to find out why they have stopped awarding the lingots for a 300 day streak. Can anyone help please?


Please look at the existing comments. A solution to this issue has already been posted twice.

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