"He is working too much."

Translation:Il travaille trop.

January 12, 2018

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travail is a noun meaning "job, work, task" while travaille is the 3rd person present indicative conjugation of the verb travailler → "to work".

Also, apart from making little sense in English, the sentence contains trop which is an adverb, therefore we are alerted that "works" is a verb, not a noun. ☺


Présent je travaille ( i work) tu travailles (you work) il/elle travaille (he/she works) nous travaillons (we work) vous travaillez (you work) ils/elles travaillent (they work.. and "elles" is for a group only existing of women)

With REGULAR verbs -ER

je = VERB - ER + E tu = VERB - ER + ES il/elle = VERB - ER + E nous = VERB - ER + ONS vous = VERB - ER + EZ ils/elles = VERB - ER + ENT


Can I assume that using "trop" to intensify a verb is ok?


Um, sort of. trop is an adverb that generally means "too much" when it follows a verb at the end of a short sentence such as the one given above or :

Il mange trop = He eats too much.
Elle parle trop = She talks too much
Tu bois trop = You drink too much
Je rêve trop = I dream too much
etc, etc....

But, be careful if it is followed by an adjective /or noun :

Elle est trop petite pour cette robe = She is too small for this dress.


Very helpful. Thank you!

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    In another Duolingo sentence when it says "don't eat too much" it uses "trop mange" and it's the only answer, the other way around would be marked wrong. So now I'm confused XD.


    why not "il travaille beaucoup" ?


    That is "He works a lot".

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