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possible improvement for DL?

Being on the reverse tree now, having done French from English, I have had an idea.

(I often remark that this, i.e. me, is the department of good ideas, all good, but not all practical!)

What about, whatever the language being learned, always having the sentence to be translated spoken so that we can hear it, and the correct answer also being spoken?

This way we can learn pronunciation both ways. OK, I hear people saying the pronunciation is not always good on DL, but perhaps better than nothing?

Further visually impaired people may be helped (particularly if instructions are also spoken)? I do not know it is the case that visually impaired people would be helped as it is incredibly difficult to put oneself in the position of another person, and any visually impaired people could comment here. It may be that visually impaired people have a better way of using DL. If I have expressed this in the wrong way, please forgive me. I have intended no offense, simply another of my 'good (or not so good) ideas'.

January 12, 2018


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