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French timed exercises give less credit than other Romance languages for a correct answer

This is very frustrating, especially since the French exercises tend to be more complex than similar exercises in the other romance languages. Please allow more time credit for correct answers - particularly when the question is complex!

January 12, 2018



How much do other languages get?


I find the times exercises so difficult because I can never type fast enough, no matter how well I know the answers. Does anyone else feel like timed practice is more speed typing practice than language practice?


I don't really feel like it's typing practice. But I guess that's because everyone's wpm is different.


I am old and tell my kids all the time that touch typing was the most useful course I ever took. If you can touch type, it's a lot easier.


does this skill transfer to other languages? I type at the pace of a turtle in English, but when I have to switch to a french keyboard, type in the accents, it slows me down even more. To be honest typing is not a skill I am looking to imporve now, so I mostly stick to the untimed exercises and do the timed ones for challenge sometimes. I think the timed exercise is very suited to multiple choice questions, as these don’t require typing but some can be quite challenging nonetheless.


I do have to admit that when I am doing timed exercises, I tend to ignore the accents as credit will not be deducted for skipping them. But I am aware of where they should go.


That makes sense... I am so very unfond of typing that lately I actually use a stylus and handwritting to text converting keyboard for my touchscreen, it is great for normal lessons but a bit too glitchy for timed practice, because I have to switch the language setting.


I agree and disagree with you.


Yes, I do not have enough time in the harder exercises, especially if you get 1 wrong right away.


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i ignore capitalization, punctuation, and accents.

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