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"Proč se staráš o strýcova zvířata ty?"

Translation:Why are you taking care of your uncle's animals?

January 12, 2018



Is the sentence neutral in terms of emphasis or does it stress the word "ty"? (Why is it you who is taking care of your uncle’s animals?)


It does stress the word "ty" in the way you write.


I think it doesn't have to be necessarily 'your uncle's animals', but it also could be 'our uncle's animals' (when talking to my brother ....)


Why are you taking care of your uncle's animals? "Proč se staráš o strýcova zvířata ty?"

Is it the same translation for ... my uncle's animals: our uncle's animals and if I am talking to my sibling then just ... uncle's animals?


Why are you taking care of "our" uncle's animals


Would it be strange to use this sentence to say :"Why are you taking care of my uncle´s animals"?


In the right context it should work. Was it not accepted or anything?


Thanks, I was just thinking about it after typing in the standard answer


If we don't know whose uncle's animals are being taken care of, then "Why are you taking care of uncle's animals" should be accepted, which it was not.


Speculating here, but my thought would be that it's "YOUR uncle's animals" because strýcova is a possessive adjective and it is "you" of whom the question is asked. If I'm wrong, I'm sure someone will clear it up! And maybe your answer will be added.

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