"Onde fica o aeroporto?"

Translation:Where is the airport?

March 18, 2013

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Can one say "Onde esta o aeroporto" or "Onde e o aeroporto"? Or should you use "fica" when asking where places are?


The first one is incorrect, but the second one is right. for further information and to know the reason why, check this out: http://duolingo.com/#/comment/233887


The link appears to know longer work, can you repost please?


Why is "Aonde fica o aeroporto?" wrong? I'm not sure when to use Onde or Aonde?


There is a subtle diffference between onde and aonde.

A) Onde: it indicates places, localization, state and/or permanence. You will use it with verbs like estar, morar, ficar, colocar and others.

B) Aonde: it indicates places and/or localization giving the idea of movement (the a gives this idea when attached to onde). You will use it with verbs like ir, chegar, dirigir and others.

A.1) Aonde você vai?

B.1) Para saber aonde vou, primeiramente preciso saber onde estou.

A.2) Aonde você levou meu celular?

B.2) Levei-o aonde você me pediu.

A.3) Onde você deixou meu celular?

B.3) Deixei-o onde você me pediu.

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    Muito bem feito. Obrigada.


    Could this mean "How does one get to the airport"? Ficar has the informal meaning "to get" although that disposes of the word "Onde" unless you wanted to know where to go to get to the airport?

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