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Changelog - Duolingo for us, here it is!

This is the changelog super summary of how the application evolved, at least in Android, surely in the other platforms there is a chronological correspondence at least.

How to change versions? You enter apkmirror.com (for example, there are many, from there I downloaded them) search for "duolingo" and there you have all versions. They are the same as we once downloaded, signed as well, you can verify it with your antivirus, antimalware, etc.

It is convenient to use the "quick login" google or Fb, in 30 seconds installs and start session again with any version without writing username and password each time.

Why would I want to change the version? True, do not keep reading, downvote and close.


3.23 The first and only version without ads.

3.28 "Force" appears Customized lessons (*)

3.31 Bonus 5 EXP per lesson appears.

3.40 28 / January / 17 The extra units in English disappeared from Spanish. (All users since then did not have them.)

3.49 * Clubs with pre-designed messages appear, you can "see" but if you try to interact it does not work and the app will probably crash.(but not always) * Ads appear even when canceling an exercise.

3.50 In the club you can see several days of activity and comments, 4 if it was very active, 10 and even more than 30 when they are not.

3.52 Club log is limited to one day (or less)

3.53 Latest version without "Energy" and where you can change clothes to the owl (Formal, Champagne or none)

3.54 * First version that can be written in clubs Blue gems appear Gems bonus appears for watching advertising * "Reinforce" disappears (the dumbbell)

3.58 Publications appear in the club ("Post" general) and "Duo questions" (Maybe they did not appear right in that version, but you can see them)

3.60 You can "copy and paste" what anyone writes to a club. (Very useful for translating)

With the last ones, it is no longer seen in the clubs what and how much each user studied, it is not fixed changing the version, unfortunately.

(*) There, or at some point from there the units stop being golden much faster, even twice the same day, although, it is not the same in all languages.

If a new user wants to buy the extra units, you must install any version between the first and the 3.31 you can go to the store and buy them with the earned lingots along with the owl costumes, everything will still be available when you upgrade to the latest version, if wants to change it again, repeat the same.

The costumes are available in any version up to 3.53

If one wants to see the club's extended record, in case you missed something, you can change to version 3.50 and just see but you can not answer an old comment / event, the good thing is, in the previous versions all messages are displayed, not collapsed. When a chat is long, its reading can be a martyrdom, the measure is understood because it would be the same for those who are not interested in the chat.

So, depending on what interests us at one time or another, the version we can use, won points will be there, the clubs will remain the same even if we use the first version, when returning to a newer one, everything remains the same before the change.

January 12, 2018


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