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Stories of language learning :)

Hey guys, do you think it is possible to become like truly fluent in a language studying by yourself?

January 12, 2018



Probably not totally, just reading ability. You need to speak with others to develop full fluency.


Yes, I agree. You can't just learn a language by yourself, and to truly learn, you must at least speak with a native speaker of that language to fully understand how to form words talk, etc.


There is no reason to learn by yourself, with the internet and all the language exchange you will find people that want to learn your native language whom know your target language.

Once you get to a level you feel comfortable look for language exchanges, improve your learning while helping someone else learn.


yes, that´s certainly possible but I think that you should have regular contact with native Speakers.


Yes, I think so... at least for reading and understanding. Speaking ideally you need someone to correct errors though.


yes i think, why not ? but it's maybe more complicate, i think

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