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Verb Placement Question

Hi all, I have a German day calendar that has the sentence below: Ich will mehr Zeit fur mich haben.

Can this sentence be written as: Ich will HABEN mehr Zeit fur mich.

Thanks everyone!

January 12, 2018



Hi Eric, No, that is not possible, as the verb "will" is in the second position of the sentence and the Verb "haben" must so be at the end. So it is possible to say: Mehr Zeit will ich für mich haben. the stress would be on "mehr Zeit" Für mich will ich mehr Zeit haben. the stress would be on " für mich". Both sentence are rather unusual but possible. Anyway the verb must be in the second place, and if there is a second verb it must be at the end.! Viel Spaß beim Lernen!


Understood thank you!!


Addendum to Hansi's post:

You can put it as follows:

  • Ich will mehr Zeit haben

  • Mehr Zeit will ich haben

  • Mehr Zeit haben will ich

  • Haben will ich mehr Zeit

  • Zeit will ich mehr haben

  • Mehr haben will ich Zeit

  • Zeit haben will ich mehr

(All are correct; the first one is used most frequently, the last two sound a bit more unusual than the others. "Zeit mehr haben will ich" would also work, but the meaning would be different.)

If you want to learn about differences in stress and in use of those word orders, please make yourself heard (would take far too long for information which is not wanted) c-;

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