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Much <3 for Duolingo stories

I just used the French duolingo stories for the first time, and they are really fun to work with. The sentences so far are spoken very quickly, which I know is realistic, and with the written text it's not hard to understand them.

I like to practice my listening skill, because that's usually the hard part about speaking a new language - a native speaker will understand you even if you make quite a lot of mistake, but understanding a native speaker is a different cup of hot beverage - so I try not to look at the sentences at first and work them out only by listening. That, with the quick speed, is really challenging, but I'm getting better at it.

I would love to see the option to blind out the text at first, but internet denizens for you - always wanting something a bit different or with an extra feature.

As it is, the stories are great, the images are fun, and I really, really like this feature.

Thanks so much to everybody who worked at this!

January 12, 2018



I agree. Love the stories, love the higher speed and love the different accents and voices. And I agree with you, at least for me the skill I have the most trouble with is understanding the spoken language as it is really used. Not only the speed, but different idioms, vocabulary, and alternate meanings for known vocabulary. I hope this is a lab that is deemed successful..


Ah mais oui, c'est vrai. The new format is a dramatic improvement, or one should say, addition to the "base" material. I am particularly pleased with the quality of the "Voices." To me, the accent seems accurate, is certainly clear, and much more engaging to work with. Bravo and thanks from me as well.


I am thoroughly enjoying the "Duolingo stories." I repeat each story a few times and find that I am learning with this method quicker than with the "Tree." However, the Tree provided the foundation for me to follow the stories. Thanks for consistently improving Duolingo!

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I love the challenge too. I would love to have a way to look up new vocabulary as words appear in the dialogue.


Hover over the text and you will see the vocabulary.


I agree. Would be great to try to figure out what is being said first before the text was revealed.


If it's an app that's will be amazing.


yo solo utlizando el frances duolingo cuentos por el primer tiempo y ellos son de verdad divertido a trabajar con.hay fraces a si que lejos son hablados muy quikli cual saber esta realistay con ellos escribiendo texto esto no es duro entender ellos.

Me gusta practicar escuchandolo habilidad,porque generalmente la dura parte acerca de hablar un nuevo lenguage uno nativo hablado sera entender incluso si tu haces bastante mucho de error pero entender un nativo hablar es un diferente vaso de caliente bebida-asi que yo tratar a mirar la frace primero y trabajo afuera solo ellos escuchando.que con el rapida velocidad esta de verdad desafiante pero yo estoy conciguiendo mejor a eso

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