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Is it just me? Or are the achievements Duolingo created useless? I mean, It's not like you earn any Lingots or anything for completing them? Why are they there?

January 12, 2018



Shiny toys. I think they are meant to make the site more social. I don't see that they have a use or are particularly motivating, but many people seem to like them.

[deactivated user]

    It's part of Duolingo's gamification aspect. They're nice if unessential.


    i think that they are there for motivation. i cant help but want to achieve them


    Probably just to motivate you. Did you get a ton of achievements?


    If you’ve been here a while and already have completed a tree you pretty much get them all on day one.


    yeah i think there just for motivation.


    People are encouraged in different ways. Different "buttons" are pushed also in different ways. Actually, one of the "achievements" I find as a negative - well I did until I gave myself a good kick where you know where - in that it rewards for someone getting through X Y or Z lessons without a mistake. Well sometimes I was experimenting with words and naturally I got some wrong. So then I would have needed to start again to "achieve a clean slate" But then I realised that this is for someone else. This actual achievement is not helping me, so I sometimes make an intentional error to stop my stupid ego from trying to reach an unblemished goal. But, back to the point. This place is trying every trick possible to help us all succeed. And they are doing this wiithout forcing us to pay anything. I guess I am saying, so what if they don't suit you. Sorry, I'm not trying to chastise, just making a point that I am very appreciative of every way they try to help us. Well done Duolingo. I guess 2 words come to mind that I still haven't learned in my chosen new language. Gratful and Ungratful (ha ha what chance do I have when my english spelling is so bad) I think the first of these is the more important. The other is owned by Varuka in Willie Wonka, "I want it and I want it now!" ))

    Have a great day

    Oh, and in this course "I work like a dog ... er ... horse ... er ... dog" ya robatayo kak loshad/cobaka (I wonder how many on here doing Russian will smile at this)


    It’s not necessary, but you can just not look at them. I personally think they add a bit of fun, and they can be a reward for some people. Because, yes, sometimes a simple little image saying you succeeded in something is enough to motivate. Of course they could still be improved, and it will not be useful for everyone. But as long as some people like it, and as long as you are not forced to take them into account if you are not interested… what’s the problem?


    Thanks you guys for helping me to understand why they were added! :) Have a great New Year everyone! And keep it up on Duolingo! :)


    HEY! I think they are COOL guys!

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