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Elles sont vs Ils "Mange

I'm a little confused on this. I know it's simple, but for me it's better explained then going off of what I believe. I don't want to continue doing something if its wrong. So for example ils mange is they are eating. and Elles sont is they are. Is ils used with verbs? and is Elles sont used before adjectives like Riche/Rich? Also off topic, but how are Mange, Manges, Mangent and Mangeons pronounced? and how are they used as far as You, I, She/he etc Thanks. I'll be focused on French for 6months. Just wanting to make sure I'm correct on what I'm doing before moving on.

January 12, 2018



Ils and Elles can be used interchangeably also it is ils mangent. Yes elles sont would be used before riche/rich. It would be Elle sont riches or Ils sont riches. Mange, manges and mangent are pronounced the same. Mangeons is pronounced like mange-ee-on and mangez is pronounced like mange-eh.


Thank you for your response.


http://conjugator.reverso.net/conjugation-french-verb-manger.html This site is really helpful for double checking all conjugations. You can enter any verb and conjugate it.


Thanks for the site, it seems it will be very useful.


also, if you do the lessons online, there will be notes in almost every section of the lessons to explain conjugation, masculine, feminine, plural....... etc.


Ils is masculine "they" and Elles is feminine "they. So if your noun is feminine, you would use elles and if masculine, ils..

for example: Elles sont chiennes (feminine for dogs) - they are dogs, technically, you are saying they are female dogs. Ils sont chiens (male for dogs) - they are dogs, and technically, they are male dogs.

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