"We cook fish on Friday."

Translation:Noi gătim pește vineri.

January 12, 2018

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Shouldn't it be vinerea? vinerea = on friday, right?


I had to choose the right sentence among three, and the correct one used "facem pește". Is that an usual way of saying "we cook fish" in Romanian?


The previous question asked me to translate "Noi gătim peste vinerea." Answer= we cook fish on Friday. Now this, the next question, asks me to translate "Noi gătim peste vineri." Answer: wwe cook fish on Friday.

Is this done in two ways intentionally to show that they can both be correct? Or is this an error? Thanks


In one grammar book, I found that the definite article is used "with days of the week, as adverbs when referring to habitual or repeated actions". Another one translates "luni" as "on Monday" and "lunea" as "on Mondays".


Thanks Louis! I wonder if the Duo translation for "vinerea" is meant to say "on Fridays."


Why is pesti not accepted?


It could work in a very specific scenario, like if you'd really want to empathize that you are cooking more than one fish. But it is very unlikely.

Otherwise, you'd just say pește. Same for poultry (pui), pork (porc), beef (vită) and so on.

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