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New Irish language MOOC

For those of you that might be interested, FutureLearn has a MOOC of the Irish language in collaboration with the Dublin City University that is called "Irish 101". I suppose it'll be the very basics of the language, but it's still worth a shot. It starts on January 29th and you can enroll here: https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/irish-language

January 12, 2018



Thank you, I've never used future learn before so it'll be interesting to see how it works.


I was just thinking about posting this. Glad to see someone beat me to it!

This will be my first time using FutureLearn, but I figured every little bit of help with my Irish is welcome.


Many thanks! It will be interesting to see how it chimes out!


Thanks very much for this!


I've signed up for it, but I'm still not entirely sure what the structure will be... Are these online videos? Or Duolingo style exercises?


From previous courses I’ve done they are generally video lessons with some exercises that are both written and spoken, and also special sections that are quizzes.

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