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Is "fluency score" available in the korean course?

Hello there, fellow students!

Does anyone here have fluency in the korean course? I'm aware it's quite new, but I'm level 8 and I don't have even 1% until now (it took me MINUTES to get 1% in french!), so I was wondering if it is just me or if it really hasn't been implemented yet.

Hope you have a nice week! c:

January 12, 2018



Honestly, fluency score is an arbitrary number that holds no real value. It doesn't really matter so I wouldn't get to hung up about it.


It is probably just to measure what you have learnt from Duolingo, rather than a real fluency. Perhaps the OP can do a percentage equation to have some idea of how far through the courses they are.


I would not really mind. You may have written books in a language even most proficiently (i.e., being amongst the best-versed native speakers even), you may be a talk host or commentator, without ever having gone beyond those 66% of fluency at Duolingo. Just try your native tongues -- and you will see those ratings are just arbitrary numbers designed to motivate learners. Real fluency will not be obtained with Duolingo, so it is correct that those numbers are desgined never to go through the roof here. Perhaps at some later point in time, after ages, when Duolingo will have finally become truly interactive, those numbers might one day be reckoned rock solid. But not today. So rather go for XPs and have them keep you practising! But keep in mind that also in your native tongues, you will not exceed your L2s' XPs at all -- but your L2 XPs will be far higher than your native-language XPs.

You may perhaps use this forum to get some real, valid feedback on your language skills. Or try to mingle with native speakers through other means.

(If I want to give my Korean a try, for instance, somewhere in the middle of Europe, I only need to pay a visit a local coffee house at any time of day and will find native Korean speakers there... Those kind coffee-addicted people just around the corner are the ones to best judge my fluency. If I want to practise my Kiswahili, on the other hand, I only know a handful of people around and therefore would have to call friends in Africa over the internet. There are languages which I am not capable of practising, though... but with all of Duolingo's there ought to be people readily available.)

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