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Arabic for English speakers - any news?

Just wondering about the development of the Arabic-for-English-speakers course. Can anyone tell me about its progress and any likely date of release? Please let me know if there is a recent thread about it (and provide me with a link). I am looking forward to when it becomes available. Thanks.

January 13, 2018



If you go to the incubator page for it, the date they have estimated is March 1, 2018.


Gah! I was reading it as 3 January, 2018. You know, DD/MM/YY - the logical way, used by all the world (except for Americans, cough).


According to Staff, the course should be released on March first. Sounds a little early, but since Chinese, I've been convinced course contributors can do almost anything.


I was convinced of that after Japanese.


They have the release date set to March and I’ve been crossing my fingers hoping that the lack of online activity is made up for with paper planning. Heck, if they have to push the date back to July I’d still be happy that there’s even an Arabic for English course in the incubator, as I’ve been waiting for the course for a couple of years.


Arabic letters are too small here, they'll have to solve this first... هل ستكون عربية مصرية؟


From what I know, it will be in Modern Standard Arabic.


I'm very excited for the course!


It's estimated currently to come out on March 1st 2018.


How can I go to the inkubetor


You can get to the incubator by searching "duolingo incubator". It should be the top result.


Have you looked in the incubator for this information?

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