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Number problems (French)


Question purely out of curiosity. Do any of you have problems understanding numbers? I welcome all levels to respond, although I'm now at a level where I might even be just about scraping B2... I can understand very well some of the météo guys on YouTube... I know damn well how to say the numbers, but while listening, whenever I hear anything with more than 4 digits, my brain has to pause, repeat and think hard to process what the number actually was... I get stuck behind, and lose the rest of the sentence. I watched a French documentary earlier, and this number weakness really showed badly, destroying many sentences I would've understood fine otherwise.

Do you have this problem? Or am I completely unique here? I found no other complaints on the internet. I think I know how to fix it... I get my speakers to say a random number, I keep guessing what it is, until I become good at this game... and hopefully this nonsense will be solved soon.

Who is in a similar situation?

UPDATE: After some training, I'm having less trouble already with 4 digits... still having trouble with 6 digits. Working on it.

January 13, 2018



One other thing I forgot to say about this number problem, here's one I definitely do NOT have trouble with: it's pronounced « six cent soixante six ».


That has 3 digits though, you only said you have trouble with numbers that have more than 4 digits. And I'm not gonna ask why you wanted everyone to know you had no trouble with the number 666.


Even 3 digit numbers I mess up occasionally, although the bigger problems tend to arise at 4 digits.

Six mille six cent soixante six... that one sounds manageable though.


Yes, other than "mille neuf cent" I can't catch them.


Mille neuf cent is a common one, for obvious reasons... I can identify with that one being easier than others.


tu tienes este problema?o soy completamente unico aqui?Encontro no otro quejas en el internet.yo pienso yo saber como a fijar esto yo obtener my espectadores dijo un aleatoreo numero,yo mantener adivinacion que es ,hasta yo porqure bien estar jugar.ojala estos disparates sera ser aplastado pronto

quien es un similar situacion.

actualizar:despues algunos formacion,yo estoy teniendo lecciones menos problemas ya con 4 digitos todavia teniendo problemas con 6 digitos trabajando en eso


So, if you really want to nerd out and practice math and french simultaneously, Khan Avademy, a free learning app and website, actually has alot of their math courses offered in french. You could do some of the beginner math lessons to get used to the numbers.


It's a good idea. If sums can be done audio only (too easy with text!), I'm sure that will help.


I can only do up to number 31. It was required in school that we had to know numbers 1-31 in French before you could move on to another class, or else you'd have late work and get a bad grade, which no one wanted. I don't know if you can learn numbers on Duolingo, but it'd be awesome if they did.


I practice numbers by translating what I see throughout the day: price tags, addresses, telephone numbers (split in 2), etc. - you could just write down a random list.

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