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Are some discussion posts blocked before they are posted?

A few minutes ago I posted a discussion about why I am learning a language that I enjoy and not one I could use daily where I live. As soon as I pushed the 'Post Discussion' button I saw the green error owl. Has this happened to anyone else?

January 13, 2018



Yes, it just happened to me. It's a bug. I can still see my thread though.


Nice to know that I am not alone :-)


yeah duo takes a minute to update the forums with your post i think? so when it tries to redirect you to the post, it thinks it's not there yet so it displays a 404

but other people have posted on it, so no it's not blocked


Sicily, Thanks for letting me know :^) Are one the flags Icelandic? I tried to check the course listings but now that isn't working for me. Must be another bug?



No, E, it's Welsh. :) Icelandic isn't offered (yet.) The course listings aren't working for you? Uh-oh. Why so glitchy, Duo?


Hi ML! :^) How are you? The reason I asked sicily if one of the flags was Icelandic is because on the discussion 'Is your favorite language a guilty pleasure' they said that their's is Icelandic. They said that it was a dying language but they were learning it anyway because they love it. I posted this Discussion after I saw the Error green owl after I pushed the Post Button for my first discussion.

ML, Do you have a language that is a guilty pleasure :)

I thought of you when Iris told me she was preparing for a performance. She also plays the violin. I know that you dropped orchestra but do you still find time to play your violin?

My course listings are working again :) I am glad that they weren't working last night because now I've had a chance to connect with you again. I feel sorry for people who have joined Duo after the Activity Stream ended. They will not have the opportunity to have the fun, helpful and amazing friends that we have. However, they will also not be traumatized by the loss of friends.

Love ya


Oh, of course. You know me. Catalan and Romanian.

No, I have been too busy to play my violin. How're you? What are you working on?

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