"The accessories"

Translation:Das Zubehör

January 13, 2018

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The English prompt asks for the plural, but the plural German response is rejected. Fix this for agreement in number.


Duo is correct (in most cases) and you are also correct (but only in very rare cases). The issue is, that the german word describes a group of things (and its also possible that this group of things is just one single thing). Yet theres a plural form for certain situations.

I try to make it clear with examples, just for the case that my explanation wasnt enough.

We assume that you have a computer and stuff like a mouse, keyboard, headset and so on. In english you will say something like "I'm selling a computer with accessories (plural)". To say the same in german, you have to say "Ich verkaufe einen Computer mit Zubehör (singular)". In this scenario you will always use the singular form.

Now there are rare cases where you can use a pluralform in german. The accessories of the cars are totally different. Die Zubehöre der Autos sind völlig unterschiedlich. This is a possible way to say it, but again to use a Plural of Zubehör is very rare (and you might even argue if it has a plural, but at least duden.de agrees with me that it has one).
Even in such situations you will see more often either "Das Zubehör der Autos ist völlig unterschiedlich." or "Die Zubehörteile der Autos sind völlig unterschiedlich.". All these 3 sentence basically say the same, but have slightly different connotations (which dont matter in 99% of the cases). So for my examples these are the very small differences. Zubehöre states that they are different groups for different cars. Zubehör states that there are different parts of a group (this does not always mean a lot, you could always interpret the group as group of ALL existing accessoires). Zubehörteile states that they are just different pieces, now we do not talk about it as group instead were talking about the single part and then we create a plural.


    As a useful analogy, the word "equipment" is never used in the plural form in English. In this case, it's also the same in German (die Ausrüstung).

    On the other hand, "information" is also never plural in English, but is in German (die Informationen).

    Which words don't have a plural form is not always the same between languages, unfortunately.


    Using your example of computer accessories: when you want to say that one of the computer accessories needs to be replaced, but you're not yet certain which one it is, how do you distinguish?

    Please don't tell me "by pointing or naming each one individually" that is cheating & might not be possible in some situations.

    All of the computer accessories are das Zubehör but so is each individual accessory when it comes to testing them. How do i avoid giving the impression that all of das Zubehör need to be replaced?


    This is something that should get into this lesson's tips and notes. :(


    Is there any difference between "das Zubehör" and "die Ausrüstung"? They seem to be used interchangeably for both equipment and accessories.


    I see a reference to tips and notes. I don't have these on my duolingo. Why?


    it depends on how you use the program, if via the web on a computer they are there as a light bulb when you click on (most) sections, so far they are not included in the mobile app


    In the previous exercise Zubehör was translated as "equipment"- I think this is a very different meaning to "accessories". Is there any way to distinguish between the two?


    My Collins English-German dictionary seems to say that Zubehor (with the umlaut) can be a masc or neuter noun. Presumably regional differences any thoughts on this ?


    My Collins English-German dictionary seems to say that Zubehor (with the umlaut) can be a masc or neuter noun. Presumably regional differences any thoughts on this ?

    Duden agrees: https://www.duden.de/rechtschreibung/Zubehoer

    Substantiv, Neutrum, oder Substantiv, maskulin

    However, I've never heard der Zubehör myself.

    And further down it says das, seltener auch: der Zubehör, calling the masculine form "rarer".


    I answered "Die Ausrüstung " and was marked wrong. But Duo used that for equipment earlier


    I answered "Die Ausrüstung " and was marked wrong. But Duo used that for equipment earlier

    You're supposed to translate "accessories" here, not "equipment".


    I looked up Zubehör in the dictionary and it says it is a neuter OR masculine noun. Is this correct that it could be either? Because I tried "Der Zubehör" and Duolingo didn't accept it.


    I have never heard Zubehör used with a masculine article. I was surprised that Duden lists that as an option (though it calls it "rarer").

    I would recommend always treating it as neuter.

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