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KiSwahili time explained.

I've made a youtube video that explains time in Swahili. Perhaps it will better help everyone understand how time works.

Here is the Excel sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1PKj5TR5Uq8TghBSmD-MfkrCVwaOFQ9rTVFzOgDtZgqc/edit?usp=sharing

Here is the video: https://youtu.be/45AZCd7nG0g

This is a small part of what our KiSwahili server is working on: https://discord.gg/3r89c7T

Siku njema!

January 13, 2018


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Cool thank you. Umefanya vizuri. Asante!


Asante sana kwa hili.

Why is 100 Mia moja, and not simply Mia? In the same sense, is 101 Mia na moja?


It can be both. For example in English, I would say 'one hundred' or 'hundred'.

That book is a hundred dollars. That book is one hundred dollars.

But you have to be careful, I cannot say for example, 101 is mia moja na moja. You'd switch it to mia na moja.

Your example for 101 is spot on.

Nadhani hiyo^ itakusaidia.

Siku nzuri!

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