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Netflix shows avilable with french audio and subtitles

Do you know of any tv shows avilable on Netflix which meet as many of these as possible.

  1. French audio and subtitles
  2. The audio matches the subtitles
  3. Simple dioalog and or story line (ie. Pokémon)
January 13, 2018



Moi j'sais pas a propos de netfilx mais j'utilise souvent ce site ci http://filmfra.com/ il y a quelques bons films tous avec des sous-titres et il y a aussi de filmes clasiques comme par exemple Amelie etc. Je souhaite que ce site puisse t'aider


Here's a catalogue of movies/series on Netflix with good subtitles, sorted by language: http://languagelearningwithnetflix.com/catalogue.html

Also, here's a free extension that adds bilingual subs, pop-up dictionary, and improved playback control: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/lln-language-learning-wit/hoombieeljmmljlkjmnheibnpciblicm

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Log onto the Netflix website on a web browser. Go to the very bottom. Click on "Audio & Subtitles", and you'll be able to see everything with French audio or subtitles. Make sure you click "A-Z" or else you'll get a shorter list of just what they think you like. Unfortunately, you won't be able to see subtitles & audio both listed on the same screen. In the US, most of what's labelled "Netflix original" will have both audio & subtitles available in French & Spanish.

Unfortunately, I haven't come across anything that has the audio & subtitles match. Even the French show I watched had subtitles that often differed from the audio.

If you want a simple story line, you might pick an animated show or a sitcom. Remember, you can always rewind a confusing scene and re-watch it with English subtitles to make sure you understand what's going on.

I enjoyed watching "the Good Place" in French on Netflix. Of course, I had already watched the season in English, so I was never lost. I still rewound & went back over sections with English subtitles to try and understand the French.


I'm a new language learner. The show that I love is "Call My Agent" << Dix Pour Cent>> The first season is brilliant. Season two was good but the first season set the bar very high.


Bon Cop, Bad Cop and Bon Cop, Bad Cop 2 are both on Netflix and have dialogue split between English and French. On cop is from Ontario and one Quebec. Not a bad movie.


I also have spent a long time trying to find Netflix choice with matching subtitles. The list on this reddit thread is a good start: https://www.reddit.com/r/languagelearning/comments/69j2u2/are_there_any_shows_on_netflix_us_where_the/

Also, these are ones I have watched/have on my "to watch" list:

Divines, Colossal, Ella Enchanted, Chefs Table: France, Call My Agent, Les Bleus, Marseille, The African Doctor, They are Everywhere, Violette, Diego Star, Zootopia, Asterix and Obiliex, Trouver Doris, The Climb, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men tell no tales, Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (A lot of the new Marvel movies on Netflix have "good" subtitles)

(P.S. I have Canadian netflix)


try mhzchoice. I am watching a series call A French Village. There are 6 seasons, very good

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