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  5. "你每天几点吃午饭?"


Translation:What time do you eat lunch every day?

January 13, 2018



"What time do you eat lunch each day" should be accepted


I know "what time do you eat lunch every day" is the literal translation but should "what time do you eat lunch?" also be accepted? Or maybe "what time do you usually eat lunch?" "What time do you eat lunch every day?" doesnt really occur in english where the "every day" is implied. Why would "every day" be important here?


All the sentences you named have perfect literal translation in Chinese. Without 每天 in the sentence the meaning can also be implied in Chinese too in relevant context, if available.


That may be so, but what does it matter, if something that's never said in English has a literal translation?


I think the question of @peter.olieman was trying to clarify the importance of 每天 in a sentence. I answered while there is a literal translation for every example, it doesn't mean that without literally translating the sentences in such ways the concept of "everyday" or "usually" would always disappear. Chinese rely on the context to a greater extent than English, so whether a word is needed often depends on the context.
BTW I think "What time do you have lunch?" in English can be used for asking the lunchtime of a particular day or the usual lunchtime given the right context. Isn't it?


What time do you eat lunch? --> 你几点吃午饭 The meaning will be different as the scenario will be more like a coworker asking when you want to go to lunch on the day of the lunch.

你每天几点吃午饭? asks about your habit. Having said that, "What time do you usually eat lunch" would imply the same meaning, but would not be a literal translation.


While it would not be a literal translation, it would be a valid one that's actually used in English - as opposed to the literal one.


What time every day do you eat lunch


Is the word "dōu" only used in statements?


I think Diego meant is there a correct sentence including 都 if it’s a question eg 你每天都几点吃午饭?

After all, 你每天都5点吃午饭 (...or something like that) is a good sentence. Can/should it be in a question?


These sentences would be fine:

This is also alright but a sarcasm rather than a real question:
What time have you been having lunch everyday (afterall)?
It would have been weird that you hadn't got stomach problem.


I agree with all the other posts. What time do you eat lunch every day? Should be accepted. Rather than... What time do you each lunch every day? There is nothing I could find in the definitions that indicated "each" was an option.


What time every day


Why cant you guys recognize simole typos?


Make complex ones then.


Is it a Chinese habit to finish a question by saying "every day".

Or is it being used so we learn to use the expression 每天 ?


In English we would say "what time do you HAVE lunch," not "eat lunch".


Exactly! Totally agree with this


My answer gives same meaning. Hence be treated as correct.


What time do you usually eat lunch? Is also acceptable.


My answer is equally acceptable


What time every day do you eat lunch... Dui bu dui?


I write the answer to the question as: "What time to do you eat lunch every day?"

It marks me wrong, and then gives the answer as:

"What time to do you eat lunch every day?"

Marked wrong for being correct. This needs to be fixed, it is ridiculous.

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