As I'm sure has been said 1,000 times. . . there's nothing to spend them on! It's silly that everyone has so many. Please just give us stuff to throw them at. Here are a few examples, or suggestions, humbly:

a formal tuxedo; airplane; Wallpapers; mobile wallpapers; "movie quotes" lesson; super week double or nothing; Ad reduction? Bonus heart for test out (like used to be); The Quiz (with answer review);

It is still fun and rewarding to earn lingots, but with nothing to spend them on, they lose their appeal. Maybe make an option where the group admin can require participants to buy in for 5 lingots and the pool will pay out the top three? Just some friendly thoughts.

January 13, 2018


as a matter of fact, i have the habit of collecting lingots for fun. What about that?

I do this too! I wonder if I'll reach 3,000 some day...

I did you still feel the same :)

I have been giving them to the people in the forum, who give good advice and helpful with my target language. I feel good doing so.

There have been many "competitions" where the host asked competitors to donate 5 lingots for a chance to win all the donated lingots if they get the most XP during the competition. The host collects the lingots and never pays out the prize. This has happened so often that staff have asked moderators to treat ALL lingot posts - asking for, giving away, competitions that require a donation, etc. - as regular spam posts. More info about that can be found here:

The streak freeze and the double-or-nothing are good investments. The clothes are fun.

I wonder... if there were even more cool things in the lingot store, would the lingot-begging posts become even more prevalent and irritating?

Well, the Friendly achievement has increased follow4follow beggars, so definitely.

I had no idea this was a thing. Thanks for the info. Now I know not to buy into any shady comment competitions with my precious 'gots!

"Good old days"

[deactivated user]

    I would post a new thread on ways to proper use the excess of lingots we have and ask for suggestions, but the way these forums work the thread would be buried and forgotten in 2 or 3 days... no matter how many upvotes and comments it had... and then a week later another similar thread would come along and this would be a viscous circle. On top of that, nobody in power would read anything.

    Lingots are nice at the start... you have few and some things to buy at the shop, but as you progress your course and earn more they soon become irrelevant.

    Anyway, here's an upvote to your thread.

    It might be good for more things to be added to the lingot shop, but I think eventually having more lingots than can be spent will happen with any reasonable shop, except something like increasing the cost of the streak freeze by a high percentage of the user's current total lingots. In the end, I think it's not very important because it doesn't seem to affect learning very much.

    How about bonus Christmas skills or a purchased test or something like that?

    Maybe add more but put a limit on it

    The post above this one might deal with a level increase. They both kind of tie though. At some point you learn every thing you can from this and need to find other resources to continue learning. There needs to be end: with levels and with buyable items.

    Ever play Cake Mania? The games allows everything to be upgraded but only to a certain point, then the money earned is pointless. Now that usually happens towards the end of the game.

    It would be nice if they had enough stuff to spend lingots on, but maybe just enough things where you could have bought everything if you completed the tree.

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