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  5. "His nephew is thin."

"His nephew is thin."

Translation:Sein Neffe ist dünn.

January 13, 2018



Why is "schlank" not accepted?


Yes, Sein Neffe is mager is a mistake. Report it if you'd like.


Does dünn meaning thin have perjorative overtones as in UK English or not as in US English?

For the uninitiated in this subtelty of English, if you are lean and fit an American might say you are thin. It is taken as a compliment.

In the UK "You are thin" in a mild insult and if your mother said you were looking thin it would mean she was worried you are not eating properly or are unwell. It means you are skinny, lacking meat on your bones. If you want to pay someone a compliment you need to say they are looking slim / lean / fit.

Any native speakers know where dünn fits in this?

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