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"Do you want to go to the bathroom?"

Translation:Chceš jít na záchod?

January 13, 2018



In most English speaking countries we say toilet when we mean toilet. The bathroom is a place where we wash and bathe, although it may also contain a toilet. This translation is only correct in American English. Perhaps they find the word toilet too vulgar.


Toilet in American English mainly refers to the toilet bowl. You cannot really go inside it. My Canadian colleagues most often said "washroom".


Therefore koupelny should be accepted here, especially since it is possible to go to the bathroom to take a shower or brush one's teeth, and many bathroom do not contain a toilet.


"do koupelny" is accepted


I have just tried 'Chceš jít to koupelny' and it was rejected.


Thank you. That was careless of me. My apologies.


My answer was: chceš jít na koupelnu? What is wrong with this? Based on your answer above, 'do' should be used, together with genitive/2nd case, right? Why is this?


Because that is the preposition that is used inn this case, that's all. Like the choices for in, at, to in English, one has to learn all the usage by heart. Jít na záchod means to go to use the toilet. Jít do koupelny means to go inside the bathroom (for whatever reason). Jít na koupelny does not exist. Unless it is a box and you can actually go on the top of the box.


So if you use Koupelny here (Zena paradigm?), why is it in the genitive?


Note that it is "DO koupelny" that is accepted. The preposition do takes the genitive case. Some information about prepositions and cases is available here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Czech_declension#Prepositions_with_certain_cases


Damnable language. JUST when you think you've got a handle on it, it throws you YET ANOTHER curve ball on the outside corner! Dekuji! Despite my stumbling around in the dark, I have to admit that in the course of the last 9 months starting from ZERO exposure to slavic languages, I actually HAVE learned (and retained) some things!


Chcete jít do záchoda is not accepted. Why?


"do záchoda" means "into the toilet bowl". You can throw things there. You can't go there.

Also, the genitive form would be "do záchodu" in standard Czech.


This is wrong.

One uses more often "do záchodu", but more importantly, that means "into the toilet bowl". If you want to go to the restroom, use "na záchod".


So, if she wants to change her makeup, you send her on the toilet, very funny. : )


As far as I can make out from this and previous discussion on the subject, 'záchod' would not usually be used for changing makeup.


The americans are/were very uptight, therefore they used the term bathroom for the toilet, they are/were ashamed to use the toilet. The only possible answers should be "do koupelny" to the bathroom or "na zachod" to/on the toilet.

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