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  5. "Proč ho nenávidíš?"

"Proč ho nenávidíš?"

Translation:Why do you hate him?

January 13, 2018



So is there is no negative of this verb? It's already ne-návidíš. Or is it some sort of play on words, like a perfective of vidíš, so you can't stand to see it?


Well, it is a bit complicated and most native Czech speaker don't know the origin. I had to look into a dictionary. Nenávidět(i) is derived from Old Czech náviděti. However, the dictionary lists two meanings of this word, one is to like or love and the other is the exact opposite (to hate)!

The old náviděti is indeed supposed to be an imperfective verb akin to viděti, that was a very good guess! I didn't know that.



interesting indeed. and it mostly took genitive objects.

to pile on, a confusing writeup about nenenávidět.


Certainly you can find words that mean the same with ne- and without or that don't mean anything at all without ne-.

For example, nestvůra (something not created) is a monster. However, stvůra is a monster as well (a creation is a very obscure dictionary meaning)...

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