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I have completed the French section twice. I speak French fluently but make some mistakes. I am “68% fluent”. How do I progress?

January 13, 2018



There is a new format coming soon which will introduce new and more complex sentences, more English to French etc. In other words, something to bring us to a higher level. I had the fortune to be part of the test phase and I"m thrilled with it.


Sounds exciting. I hope there is some more listening and perhaps speaking in the new format.


Yesterday, I discovered the 'Labs' on this site. The stories are fantastic! Hier, j'ai découvert les 'Labs' sur ce site. Les histoires sont fantastiques!


I really like tv5monde.com and the related app 7 jours sur la planete for practicing comprehension skills, the level is more suited to intermediate learners so it’s a nice step up from duolingo. Coffee break french is an excellent podcast series that teaches conversational french through dialogues. Also, start reading in french, listening to french movies, watch french kids shows... Mofy is an adorable series that can be found on youtube in french, with beautiful animations, about a little bunny exploring her world. I also like to play video games and change the language settings to french. Bonne chance!


Thank you, Sylvia, for your feedback. I briefly looked at tv5monde.com and I agree with you that this a a very good connection for improving the reading and listening skills. I will definitely add this to my resources. I live near Minneapolis and usually go to a weekly conversation group meeting in French, which is a good place to practice the speaking skills. I grew up in Switzerland and did have opportunities to practice my French, but that was over 40 years ago. I also discovered that I can buy french books (and books in other foreign languages) on kindle and use their built-in dictionary when I encounter a word that I do not understand. I have also used some of the YouTube videos. By the way, I have finished 25 different language trees in 7 months and have gone back to make some of them golden again. I am probably a little ambitious by most standards, but I think that I will be able to reach fairly good fluency in 6 languages sometimes this year.

Practice makes perfect!
C'est en forgeant qu'on devient forgeron!
La pratique est mère du succès!


Wow, that’s awesome! Your motivation is inspiring!


Wow. That is really impressive and very inspiring. All the best.


Thanks for the info.


I like to Duolingo on the web and one of the things that has helped bring my percentage up has been doing general strengthening exercises. I am trying to get all of my words to full strength. My fluency level is 71% but it has been as high as 72%. On my reverse tree, I have gotten as high as 75%. The general strengthening seems to boost the fluency numbers, but slowly. Bonne chance!


Do the inverse course: Learn English from French. You can pick the language you "speak" when you add a new course. Make sure you also do the stories that are accessible from the English language interface.

I am working with 6 languages and have done all available courses from across all languages. And I have also done all the stories, but for those you need to use the web interface. It will keep you busy for a while. Of course, it is also a good idea to read the news in your target languages on the web, and over time you may also want to improve your listening and speaking skills outside of Duolingo. It is also good to study the grammar in the target language itself in addition to use single language dictionaries.

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