"We eat lunch."

Translation:Noi mâncăm prânzul.

January 13, 2018

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"We eat the lunch." Ugh. Trying to figure out when to drop and when to keep the articles is so frustrating.


But the english sentence doesnt say "the lunch" so why pranzul? Just doesnt make sense.


no, pranzul is with definite article, and it shouldnt have it. it's not we eat the lunch, it's to be we eat lunch


Romanian and English don't always use the definite article in the same scenarios. This one example.


How do you know which time to use it then?


Does anyone know the rule for when to use definite art. in Romanian v whan not to?


How on Earth am I supposed to infere that I have to put the "ul", given that the English sentence is without the article? Oh, wait, it's a romance language -> ESP: nosotros (nos) comemos el almuerzo; ITA: noi mangiamo il pranzo; FRA: nous mangeons le dejeuner; POR: nós comemos o almoço... so ok, no complaints at all.


Are those sentences all as fundamentally ambiguous as this sentence?


What about pranz or la pranz. It's not necessary for pranzul to ONLY be exepted.

By the way, my mom makes good lunches by the way. :-) Yay!!!


Eu am scris "Noi măncăm masă de prânz." Nu e corect şi aşa? :-P HAHA!


Returning to the same exercize, it still leaves questions. For me, the following situation seems legit: "someone has prepared the dishes, so the lunch is ready - now we only have to eat it... oh and there we go, we are eating the lunch". Does the same Romanian sentence express that idea? Is it even something comfortable to express in Romanian?


An alternative solution should be "Noi prânzim." It's the same concept and means the same thing.

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