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  5. "Jak stará byla?"

"Jak stará byla?"

Translation:How old was she?

January 13, 2018



If the questioner was referring to a feminine-gender object, could "How old was it?" not be correct?


Jak stará byla? (ta pračka?) How was it? (the washing machine?)

It is possible. Use the report button to report missing translations.


Is the translate "How old were you" appropriate? Its marked as wrong. Thought "byla" refers to a female object, so why cant female object we are refering to (Jak object stará byla) mean 2nd person?


Second person uses an auxiliary verb jsi (singular) or jste (plural). Please review the tips and notes about how the past tense is formed.

How old were you is either: Jak stará jsi byla? or Jak stará jste byla?

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