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Will We Ever See the Activity Feed Again?

I noticed that Duo has updated the website, allowing us to see our achievements, which were only available on the app previously. That's all fine and dandy, but what about the activity feed? What is the point of adding people as friends and joining clubs if you can"t talk to the people you are associating with?

I know that Immersion was also a pretty big deal to some people (understandably), but being able to actually talk to people on a site that is so big on community is very crucial to me. You can learn a language solo, but at some point you have to find someone else to talk to. I don't want to have to go looking for language partners elsewhere (I currently do this, and I've met some cool people) when Duolingo is right here with possibly the largest digital community of language learners in the world!

Whenever I add someone as my friend, I think, "Who is the person that I'm actually adding? I know nothing about them, and I can't talk to them..." I'm not sure if Duolingo has already announced that they will be bringing back the feed, but I'm going to put this out there anyway. DUO PLEASE BRING IT BACK :'(

January 13, 2018



The return of the Activity Feed seems less and less likely with the passing of time, but I still have hopes that it will return some day.

I think it might require Duolingo to establish a separate platform for their Education wing, because of the need for security, but that would also result in less spam posted in the Discussions.

It would be expensive to bring the Activity Feed back, but I would be happy to pay a fee if that was required.


No, Activity won't be back.

See this post for more details on the revised web site:



But we do plan to replace this social feature with something better!

wonder how that planning is going and what "better" means.


I second the motion ! The Activity Feed was so helpful in so many ways. It allowed you to ask questions from those you followed as well as thanking those who followed you. Despite its abuse by some trolls, I sincerely hope it will be restored.


So fondly desired…


I hope so! It's ridiculous that I can't talk to other Duolingo users outside of clubs & forums anymore...


^^ This. Should. Be. Posted. Everyday. Up. Until. We. Can. Interact. With. Other. Users. Of. The. DL. Community. Again.

The removal of the activity stream has been one of the greatest disappointments of DL this past 12 months, detrimental to all the efforts to build up a community of learners and bringing together native speakers and learners on a practical level.

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