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Strength not affected by practice

More often than not, my strength bars are not affected by practice, even if I complete the practice without errors. This seems to have started regularly occurring a couple weeks ago.

January 13, 2018



Sometimes skills take more than one session to strengthen. This is perfectly normal.


I have noticed the same thing- and agree it is particularly frustrating to do a timed practice with a perfect result of getting thru 20 answers with no errors and get nothing in the way of a bump in strength.......I'd rather see them lengthen the timed practice so you can stick with it on a roll for as long as you can keep the timer going.......that way you could actually do a practice that strengthens the score-keeping instead of cycling thru the thing so many times.

especially since other times, a really short practice with only a few answers moves the bar- I don't find it to be consistent at all


If you're doing the General "Strengthen", that might be the problem. It's quite bad for gilding skills but good for maintaining a fully gilded tree. Try using an individual skill-strengthen and it should work better.


I had the same thought, but I have tried to individually strengthen future verbs in Spanish three times in the last 24 hours. It remains with one section missing from a full strength bar, which is right where I started. I only missed one or two questions.


It is an old bug. To fix it, you have to redo all the levels in that skill or at least the one causing the problem


This has also been happening to me quite a lot and is extremely frustrating. I'm re-goldening my tree, but this is becoming more and more of an impossible prospect given the amount of time it is taking, especially considering how repetitive the questions are, when they could be asking a much wider range of tasks to strengthen more of a skill/or, I daresay, a whole skill in one go.


Me too I am concerned about that.

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