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Chinese extension update, you can now see the first 20 skills with meanings next to characters.

Hello everyone,

Sorry for the second update in two weeks but we've been working incredibly hard!

We now have the first 20 lessons finished.

Since the last post we have now a further 9 skills available with meanings for tiles, including meanings for compounds particles in that lesson.


We also have 95%+ of the traditional symbols translated (you can turn this off)

Download it here


January 13, 2018



谢谢! This is amazing, thank you so much for this!


Bug report: the current version (0.991.2) is causing the notes to disappear in all skills for me - not just Chinese, but in other languages too! They reappear when the extension is disabled.

Also the characters that don't have a translation yet are still resized/repositioned, which looks a little weird.


Causing mouseover notes to disappear for me too

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Great job team!! Keep up the hard work, it's appreciated :)


Thank you, thank you, thank you! This is exactly what I was missing in the Chinese lessons.

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Great idea but pretty useless for people who use a different browser;(


Thank you! But I do not understand, why these features cannot be built into the site itself?


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