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  5. "The women are ours."

"The women are ours."

Translation:Femeile sunt ale noastre.

January 13, 2018



How do you know when to use ale?


When the things that are yours are feminine plural or feminine neuter.

  • Femeile (feminine plural: o femeie, două femei) sunt ale noastre
  • Scaunele (neuter plural: un scaun, două scaune) sunt ale noastre

Further reference:

For masculine or neuter singular you have al:

  • Câinele (masculine singular: un câine, doi câini) este al nostru / The dog is ours

For masculine plural you have ai:

  • Caii (masculine plural: un cal, doi cai) sunt ai noștri / The horses are ours

For feminine singular you have a:

  • _Pisica (feminine singular: o pisică, două pisici) este a noastră / The cat is ours


Thank you so much.


Women are no one's possession


I was about to comment the same and I see you did already.

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