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How to get books in French in the U.S.?/Book suggestions

I'm curious how to buy books in french when i live in the U.S. I prefer physical copies. What do I do?

Also does anyone have any suggestions for books similar to the Dear America books/ Dear Canada in french? I loved reading the Dear America books growing up.

January 13, 2018



Go to amazon.com
Use the drop-down at top left under the logo, where it says "Departments" - hover over "Books & Audible" and then click "Books"
Scroll down (pretty far) and you will see a "Language" category on the left. Click the "French" box.


My local bookstore has a ton of French books, almost as many as Spanish books.


i would go on amazon and search something like "french books" (i don't actually know if that will work, i don't use amazon very often.)


Powell's Books can be found online, as well as Barnes & Noble. If there are any bookstores by where you live, go check them out! French is one of the most common languages to learn here, so you might be surprised by what you can find.


Would you local library have French books?


You can find a ton of french (and german, and spanish etc.) at abebooks.com. Often for less than on Amazon.com. Also, there are a lot of french books (and books in other languages) on eBay!

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